Our Mission

Women of Aalto is a network of students which unites the future talents of tech, business and art from Aalto University. We are here to offer a chance for you to get support and encouragement from like minded people and to grow both as a person and as a professional. We promote equality in everything we do and want to help our members surpass their limits. To achieve our vision, we organise inspiring professional events as well as casual mingling.

How to get involved

There is a way for everyone to be involved – you can be an active member, a member of the board or just join our events every now and then to have fun! We welcome you to participate in our activities to get to know us – they are open for everyone irrespective of gender or background.

To become an active member and participate in all planning, please fill in the form to become a member. Our membership is free of charge and doesn’t oblige you to anything! As a member you’ll be amongst the first ones to know about what’s happening in the community and you’ll get notified of upcoming events.

What’s in it for you?

Being a part of this inspiring network you’ll learn a lot about event management, ways to promote equality, interesting career paths and yourself. Getting involved in our activities is a great way to make new friends and establish connections. You have a chance to learn about event management, promoting equality, campaign planning, budgeting, team leadership and so much more! And most important of all, we promise you’ll have a good time with us!

Meet our team

Board Members 2020

 President – Tatiana Pospelova

President – Tatiana Pospelova

Secretary and Head of Finance – Kochar Mahmoodi

Head of Careers and Partnerships – Ayesha Kousar

Head of Wellness – Jana Jakimtchouk

Head of Communications – María Eugenia Vidal

Head of Networks – Julia Ranta

My name is Tatiana Pospelova, I am the new president of Women of Aalto. Along with that I’m the second-year master student at Aalto School of Business. My major is “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management”, I study start-ups and some general business topics.
I became a part of the Women of Aalto because it is an amazing experience I have never had before. I wanted to try myself out there in organizing and coordinating events, helping to build a meaningful community that would support the ideas and passions of women around me. I am myself also interested in the topics that we want to cover this year, for example, I would love to know more about mental health and ways to help myself go through stress, (life can be difficult sometimes). Last but not least, I was looking forward to finding new friends
My name is Ayesha Kousar. I’m head of careers and partnerships for “Women of Aalto”. I’m a PhD student at School of electrical engineering. I have joined women of Aalto to be a valuable part in building a strong women networking group that provides a venue for women to support each other.
As a tech graduate, my goal will be to focus on the challenges and mental health issues faced by women in science. I’m quite passionate to work for shaping future of Women of Aalto by working in collaboration with other board members. I’m looking to build and maintain partnerships with the companies and corporate people with likewise thinking and goals. So if anybody wants to talk on these points, I would love to hear from you.
My name is María Eugenia Vidal and I am the new Head of Communications. I came to Finland in order to do the Master’s Program in Design for for Theatre, Cinema and Television and my mayor is in Costume Design. I am originally from Uruguay, a small country from South America. 
I engaged with Women of Aalto with the purpose of helping more women to gain visibility throughout communication. My interests are in internationality, culture and arts, therefore my main goal for this year is to continue transforming Women of Aalto into a space for everyone. If you have any suggestion do not hesitate to contact me!
I’m Julia, Head of Networks at Women of Aalto. Currently I’m studying Information Technology. Having a background in design and human centered mentality, I believe everyone can create their destiny and opportunities for themselves. By being a student of Haaga-Helia, I can encourage other people to be involved in activities outside their home universities and be fearless when it comes to trying new things and meeting new people. My vision for WOA this year is to create a supportive community that doesn’t discriminate anyone. My key values for the year are: mental health, balance and women leadership. I support co-operation and breaking the boundaries of different organizations. I believe we can achieve more together!
My name is Kochar and I am the new Vice President and Head of Finance of Women of Aalto. I am studying my Master’s degree in Advanced Energy Solution program. I am Kurdish as my ethnic background and very proud of my heritage.
As a young woman, lived all my life in Finland, I feel that there is need for a platform where all kind of women come together and promote issues that are conserning all of us in education, health, work and gender equality.
Tolerance, equality, freedom of choice and diversity is what I stand for.
I am eager to work with my collegues and collaborate closely with different organisations to make changes, share best practises and open
doors for new ideas.

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