Our Mission

Women of Aalto is a network of students which unites the future talents of tech, business and art from Aalto University. We are here to offer a chance for you to get support and encouragement from like minded people and to grow both as a person and as a professional. We promote equality in everything we do and want to help our members surpass their limits. To achieve our vision, we organise inspiring professional events as well as casual mingling.

How to get involved

There is a way for everyone to be involved – you can be an active member, a member of the board or just join our events every now and then to have fun! We welcome you to participate in our activities to get to know us – they are open for everyone irrespective of gender or background.

To become an active member and participate in all planning, please fill in the form to become a member. Our membership is free of charge and doesn’t oblige you to anything! As a member you’ll be amongst the first ones to know about what’s happening in the community and you’ll get notified of upcoming events.

What’s in it for you?

Being a part of this inspiring network you’ll learn a lot about event management, ways to promote equality, interesting career paths and yourself. Getting involved in our activities is a great way to make new friends and establish connections. You have a chance to learn about event management, promoting equality, campaign planning, budgeting, team leadership and so much more! And most important of all, we promise you’ll have a good time with us!

Meet our team

Board Members 2021

Janina Paasila

Janina is a 4th-year Information and Service Management student at Aalto University School of Business. Janina joined the WOA Board, because she thinks that Women of Aalto supports an important cause through casual events. Equality is a key value for her.

Janina is looking forward to building an empowering community, where like-minded people can network and support equality through fun events. In her position as the President, she wants to support the board and work together with other members to make Women of Aalto into an active club that offers interesting casual and professional self-improvement opportunities for the students of Aalto University.

Aino Alkio
Vice President & Head of Wellbeing

Aino is a 1st-year Computational Engineering student at Aalto University School of Engineering. Aino joined the WOA Board, because she is passionate about promoting equality and hopes to create a supporting environment for all Aalto students. She looks forward to organizing a variety of fun and useful events that allows members to make long-lasting connections and friendships.

Aino aims to make the Aalto community more open, supportive, and welcoming to all. She looks forward to working with the board to provide events and resources that promote equality around the campus. She is also very interested in wellbeing, and hopes to incorporate health and mindfulness into some of WOA’s events.

Aino Tontti
Head of Finance 

Aino is a 2nd-year Accounting student in Aalto University School of Business. Aino joined WOA, because equality and equal opportunities have always been really important to her. So, she wants to promote equality also in the Aalto community’s student life.  Aino wants to be a part of building a strong women’s networking group that encourages women to support each other in every aspect of life. She also wants to unite like-minded people from different fields of studies.

Aino aims to promote the networking of people interested in equality. She wants to organize events that encourage and inspire women in their careers and also in their personal life. She also hopes that WOA gains visibility and new members from all over the Aalto community.

Anni Heinolainen
Head of Careers & Partnerships

Anni is a 3rd-year Bioinformation Technology student at Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. Anni joined WOA, because she thinks that WOA is a very interesting organization and she wants to be involved in developing it further.

Anni wants to help to build a strong, supportive network for women. In addition, she wants to meet new like-minded people and help organize inspiring events for everyone. Anni wants to get new members involved to create a stronger community and increase the visibility of WOA, especially in the Aalto University. She aims to organize inspiring events which focus on developing one’s skills for (working) life, meeting new people and having fun.

Peppi Pohjalainen
Head of Networks

Peppi is a 3rd-year Bioinformation Technology student at Aalto University School of Engineering. Peppi Joined WOA, to help organize fun, interesting and amazing events, as well as to discover new things.

In WOA, Peppi’s aim is to bring a comfortable and fun atmosphere, where everyone is included.

Julia Ranta
Head of Mental Health

Julia is a last year Information Technology student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences with a previous degree in Design. Julia studies a lot of personal growth, and her mission is to raise awareness and improve mental health within the technology field. Julia joined the WOA Board to create an environment that she always craved to have. She wants to be the leader that she always wished to be guided by, but never had a chance to. In addition, she wants to celebrate women, give inspiration to others and simultaneously get inspired by others. Raising awareness of mental health within the technology field is one of her goals, and she wants to build a community where she can be herself and encourage others to be themselves as well. Most importantly, Julia wants to make an impact with her actions.

In WOA, Julia aims to create a better platform for mental health and grow WOA with collaborations & a coherent brand image. Julia wants to raise awareness of issues that women face in their work life and free time, especially in the technology field.

Maria Montoya Freire
Head of Graphic Design

Maria is a final year doctoral student at Aalto University Department of Computer Science. Maria joined the WOA Board to contribute more in building a community for networking with people from different backgrounds, where they can enrich themselves by learning from others experiences and the events organized by the group.

Maria aims to expand the WOA community through an active participation in social networks. She is also willing to encourage more women to pursue a career in science.

Suvi Pättikangas
Head of Communications

Suvi is a 4th-year Marketing student at Aalto University School of Business. In her studies, Suvi is interested in consumer behavior and content creation of all kinds. Suvi joined the WOA Board to promote diversity, and to celebrate differences and equality. She wants to organize activities from professional networking to casual fun. 

In her role, Suvi aims to brighten up WOA’s branding and voice, and bring more activity to the communications channels. Promoting equality is one of the main goals for her. Most of all, Suvi wants to build a community that forms connections and lifelong friends.

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