Inspiring Women

In order to get to know the new board members and since we recently celebrated the International Women’s day, we thought of presenting some examples of inspiring women from our international backgrounds. We hope this post will inspire you to tell us about a strong women from your hometown.

Natalia O’Shea, Russia.

I have always been inspired by strong and clever women, one of them is Natalia O’Shea (Hellawes). She is a musician, the leader of probably the most popular folk-rock bands in Russia – “Мельница” («The Mill»).

Apart from being an amazing singer, Hellawes can play many different instruments such as Celtic harp, guitar, piano, castanets and so on; she also composes her own music. Natalia is also a PhD in Philological Science and used to work as a teaching professor at Moscow State University. She has also published some books and articles, had her own clothing line and keeps having different projects all the time.

Tatiana Pospelova, President of Women of Aalto.