Pink Ribbon Gala

Women of Aalto is joining forces with Cancer Foundation Finland in organizing the first ever Pink Ribbon Gala by Women of Aalto. The event will be located in the Crypt of Helsinki Cathedral on 25.10.2019 at 17:30.

As more and more women go through cancer when in working life, this creates a need for strong support system not only at home but also at work.

At the Pink Ribbon Gala we want to generate more awareness about breast cancer,  raise funds for cancer research and with the help of our speakers, share ways of how organisations can create good support system in work life. Learn more about our Speakers, Artists, and check our Gala program.

Cancer affects us all.

Every year around 5000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Finland. This means that one in 8 women get the disease during their lifetime.

Needless to say – this is a massive problem that in some way touches every one of us. To be able to prevent and effectively treat breast cancer, more research must be done. This is where you come in.

Research + education + support + early detection  = living full and healthy lives