Janina Fry

Entrepreneur, Fashion designer and Creative Director of the brand Janina F

Janina is a versatile performer who has over the years been one of the most sought after models in Finland.

She has created an international career and her brand Janina F has during the latest 12 years been the most successful lifestyle-collection based on a personal brand in Finland.

Janina loves working with fashion and people and takes great pleasure in the ability to inspire others with her own work. Janina has personal experience of breast cancer and will share her thoughts on the topic and host the event.

Jarmo Wahlfors

Research Director at Cancer Foundation Finland

Jarmo started as Research Director at Cancer Foundation Finland in January 2019. His major duties involve the development of the Foundation’s research grant process and managing the relations with stakeholders, including the research community and other foundations and organizations.

Yet another important work area is to raise awareness of cancer research and its impact on healthcare and wellbeing. In his words, “professionally I try to utilize my experience to maintain Finland’s position as one of leading countries in clinical and cancer research”. He also works as an adjunct professor in molecular biology.

Jarmo holds a PhD degree by the University of Kuopio and was actively involved in cancer research between 1987 and 2006. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Bethesda, MD, USA and later as principal investigator (gene transfer technology) in Kuopio.

Thereafter and until 2018, he has worked as Head of Research Development at University of Tampere and Head of Health Research Unit for Academy of Finland. In his free time, Jarmo enjoys reading and writing as well as running, fishing or whatever that gives him an excuse to spend time in nature.

Emma Andersson

Project Manager at Cancer Patients in Finland

Cancer patients in Finland is a patient organization supporting cancer patients and their loved ones during treatment and rehabilitation. Emma manages a Cancer & Work project (2017-2020), with the aim to support working age cancer survivors who face challenges when it comes to job search, returning to work or coping with work and other employment issues.

The aim is to encourage and support cancer survivors with concrete tools to combine cancer and work, and to provide an opportunity for counseling and peer support. 

Emma holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Helsinki. Professionally, she has worked on project management and communications, both in Finland and abroad in Germany, Kenya, Sweden, Vietnam, and the USA. ​

Reading, running, visiting art exhibitions and hiking outdoors are among Emma’s passions. Currently she writes short stories on speculative fiction. 

Sari Meller

Director of Fundraising at Cancer Foundation Finland

Sari has experience in demanding operations in fundraising, marketing and communication. She is a valued and goal-oriented team leader on challenging markets and in her current position she is responsible for an annual target of 10 million euros.

Her specific area of responsibility is to strengthen donor communications and campaigns, such as campaign reliefs and special theme campaigns and events. She has international experience in the field of children rights and business (CRBP) in various NGO´s.

Before moving to the NGO side, Sari Meller left her own footprint in the Finnish hotel, restaurant, and conference world. For example, she was able to turn a county prison into a four-star hotel. Katajanokka Prison was transformed into a lifestyle hotel and has since received the World Luxury Hotel Award.

Meller decided to break free from the shackles of business, and as an adult she studied for a Master of Theology. Her highest motivation is to see the results of her work that have been created with co-workers and partners: how many lives they have saved, how many are secured and how they have changed the world.